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Watson Marlow

Watson Marlow 620U Peristaltic Pump

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Watson Marlow 620U Peristaltic Pump


This pump can be controlled from the keypad or remotely. It features:

Manual control: Speed adjustment; run and stop; direction control; "max" key for rapid priming.

Remote control: The pump can be digitally controlled with a contact closure or logic input signal to operate the pump.

Analogue control: The pump speed can be controlled through an analogue signal input in the ranges 0-10V, 1-5V or 4-20mA.

Outputs: A 0-10V, 4-20mA or 0-1258Hz output signal provides feedback of the pump speed. There are four digital status outputs which can be configured in software for a variety of pump parameters.

MemoDose: Allows precise repeat dosing. Stores in memory a pulse count from the motor. This count is repeated each time START is pressed to provide a single-shot dose.

Calibration: Uses the same pulse count as MemoDose. The corresponding pumped volume can be entered to calibrate the flow of the pump.

Guard switch: Primary operator protection from rotating parts of the pump is provided by the fixed guard. Secondary operator protection from rotating parts of the pump is provided by indicator-only switching of the pumphead guard.


Technical Specifications:

  • Height 31cm
  • Width 49cm
  • Depth 28cm
  • Weight 10kg


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual

See Manual Here