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Watson Marlow

Watson Marlow 202U - Peristaltic Cassette Pump

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Watson Marlow 202U - Peristaltic Cassette Pump

The Watson Marlow 202U is a highly versatile peristaltic cassette pump which can be operated under manual, remote, or automatic control to meet your present and future needs. The pump can be programmed at any time to respond to a wide range of both voltage and current control signals up to 60V or 32mA, and incorporates full mains isolation allowing earthed or un-earthed signals to be fed to the pump.

This item was removed from a laboratory as surplus to requirements.


Technical Specifications:

  • Height 12cm
  • Width 17cm
  • Depth 31cm
  • Weight 1.5kg
  • 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Number of revolutions: 50 rpm



Item has seen previous use but is in good condition.



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