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Waters SYNAPT G2-Si System Mass Spectrometer + Acquity UPLC I-Class Core Sys w/ SM-FTN

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Waters SYNAPT G2-Si System Mass Spectrometer

The Waters Synapt G2-Si System is an ideal addition to your research or industry proteomics lab. The system facilitates the separation and identification of peptides and proteins and the determination of protein intact masses to characterize and compare proteomes across different conditions or just to simply identify a protein on a gel band.

This system has an Ion mobility feature. This allows another dimension of gas-phase peptide separation, allowing the potential to separate peptides and proteins that are undistinguishable in other systems.

Enable extensive characterization of complex mixtures and molecules with uncompromising qualitative and quantitative performance, streamlined workflows, and unparalleled platform versatility.

  • Ultimate UPLC-MS/MS performance
  • Powerful data-independent & data-dependent solutions
  • CID and ETD fragmentation capabilities



  • Synapt G2-S MS 4K
  • LockSpray source with ESI probe
  • Synapt G2-S Oil-Less roughing pump
  • Synapt G2-S Mains Cable Kit
  • Acquity UPLC I-Class Core Sys w/ SM-FTN
  • Masslynx Performance Workstation
  • Monitor, Lenovo ThinkVision Flat panel
  • Acquity UPLC BEH Amide 1.7um 2.1x50mm
  • Synapt MS Installation Certificate
  • TransOmics Metabolomic Kut
  • PGS std Server
  • TAP Acquity I-Class BSM (1PM)
  • TAP Acquity I-Class CM-A (1PM)
  • TAP Acquity I-Class SM-FTN (1PM)