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Varian CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph

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Varian CP3800 Gas Chromatograph

The Varian CP-3800 GC meets all your analytical requirements with practical solutions for simple and complex applications. In a standard configuration, the CP-3800 accommodates up to three injectors and three detectors, all operating simultaneously. In addition, the CP-3800 is easily configured to perform on-line analyses for monitoring critical gas and liquid process streams. The CP-3800’s flexible platform lets you start with a basic configuration and add a wide variety of options in the field. Options include additional channels, gas and liquid sampling valves, and external sampling devices. Future upgrades guarantee that you can meet changing requirements at a moment’s notice.


Technical Specifications

  •  External Dimensions (W x D x H): 600 x 730 x 530 mm 
  •  Weight: 25 kg

For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Manual Here