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Vacuette SRS 100/II with Sed Rate Mixer/II

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Vacuette SRS 100/II with Sed Rate Mixer/II

The SRS 100/II ESR analyser is an automatic instrument controlled by a microprocessor and exclusively employed for the in vitro diagnostic determination (IVD) of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). It constantly and simultaneously scans 100 test tubes, which are custom-made for ESR analysis. The SRS 100/II follows the sedimentation of each sample independently, memorizing levels for the whole period of analysis. Every attempt to use the SRS 100/II ESR analyser with a purpose different from the intended use, must be considered improper.


Technical Specifications:

SRS dimensions:

  •  Height 17cm
  •  Width 54cm (wires connected)
  •  Depth 34cm
  •  Weight 10kg

Mixer dimensions:

  •  Height 16cm
  •  Width 14cm
  •  Depth 32cm
  •  Weight 2kg


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.