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UVP UVGL-55 Handheld UV Lamp

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UVP UVGL-55 Handheld UV Lamp

This Model UVGL-55 Hand-held UV lamp is a lightweight 6-watt model with 254 nm shortwave and 365nm longwave UV light output. It uses A/C current with an 8 ft. cord. This lamp provides higher intensity than 4-watt models for greater fluorescence.

For cost savings, the UVGL-55 utilizes a single split-tube for both shortwave and longwave UV light emissions. A snap-on selector is used to mask the SW or LW portion of the bulb, depending on the user's preference.

UVGL-55 Features:

  • 6 watt portable lamp
  • Wavelengths 365 nm longwave and 254 nm shortwave. One split tube.
  • Durable plastic construction .
  • Lamp cord, 8 ft.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height 7cm
  •  Width 38cm
  •  Depth 8.5cm
  •  Weight 250g