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ThermoQuest TraceGC Gas Chromatograph

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ThermoQuest TraceGC Gas Chromatograph

The ThermoQuest Trace GC was designed for productivity, reliability, and versatility for GC-MS and GC applications. It has up to two injectors and three detectors, this multi-channel instrument combines the reliability of trace platform with automation and ultra-performance. Its assisted leak check has a built-in diagnostic to routinely check the GC system. The accuracy and repeatability features are due to its, column to column feature that allows the user to evaluate the column parameters, reflecting the actual column pneumatic resistance with higher accuracy. 

Technical Specifications:

External Dimensions:

  • Height: 47cm
  • Width: 61cm
  • Depth: 66cm

Internal Dimensions:

  • Height: 27cm
  • Width: 27cm
  • Depth: 25cm



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