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Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Neslab RTE-110 Temperature Bath

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Thermo Scientific Neslab RTE-110 Temperature Bath/Circulator

The RTE Series is Thermo / NESLAB's all-around performers featuring the highest cooling capacity and pumping capability. It's features include seamless stainless steel tanks with rounded corners for easy cleaning, removable front grilles to allow quick access to the condenser, and a powerful force and suction pump to provide the versatility of circulating through a closed system, an open container, or two independent applications.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height: 63cm
  •  Length: 32cm
  •  Width: 25cm
  •  Temperature Range: -30 to +130°C
  •  Bath Volume: 5 litres
  •  Weight: 32kg


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

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