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Tenney TPS Environmental Test Chamber

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Tenney TPS Environmental Test Chamber

The Tenney T2 temperature and humidity cycling chamber simulates a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions while utilizing minimal floor space. We specifically designed these environmental chambers to have a compact exterior and an ample interior workspace. The T2 Temperature and Humidity Cycling Chamber design allocates space within the interior of the cabinet for all standard options. This greatly improves the mobility of the unit as well as the overall appearance.

• Vapor-tight, continuously welded stainless steel interiors

• Minimum footprint

• Units are mobile

• Touch screen controller provides precise control over chamber operations and monitoring, and is mounted at eye level (VT III and Watlow F4 are not touch screen) • Low workspace height to ease the loading and unloading of product

• Accurate control and display with minimum maintenance

• Vertical recirculation conditioning system


Technical Specifications

  •  External Dimensions (W x D x H): 660 x 660 x 1702 mm 
  •  Temperature Range: -75 - 200 
  •  Weight: 158 kg
  •  Heater Capacity: 500 W


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Manual Here