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Stuart CB302 Hotplate Stirrer

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Stuart CB302 Hotplate Stirrer

The Stuart CB302 is a general purpose stirrer hotplate designed with safety as well as performance in mind. The "Hot" warning light will flash whenever the plate temperature is above 50°C and will operate even when the hotplate is turned off and connected to the mains. Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speed up to 1500rpm and volumes up to 15 litres.

This item has a glass ceramic top that has excellent chemical and temperature resistance. The chemical properties make the surface very easy to keep clean and the thermal properties allow very high plate temperatures while ensuring the edges stay cooler, reducing the chance of accidental burns.

This equipment was removed from a lab as surplus to requirements. It has been tested and is in good working order. The applications of this device range from pharmaceutical science, to life science, to manufaturing.


Technical Specifications

  • Plate dimensions, mm: 300 x 300
  • Heated area, mm: 200 x 200
  • Plate Material: Glass ceramic
  • Heater Power, W: 1200
  • Max. plate temp. °C: 450
  • Stirrer speed, rpm: 100 to 1500
  • Overall dimensions (w x d x h), mm: 300 x 365 x 105
  • Net weight, kg: 7



Item has seen previous use but is in good condition.



Tested & working.