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Struers Uniforce Press

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Struers Uniforce Press

Automatic preparation of materialographic specimens requires a level clamping of specimens in specimen holders. Virtually no amount of subsequent preparation can remedy inefficient clamping of the specimens. The solution is a leveling device which enables the specimen to be pressed firmly against a leveling disc while being clamped.

Reliability and fast operation Uniforce is a very robust construction. It will work day after day for years, ensuring the best possible conditions for quick materialographic preparation of high quality. Fixation of specimens is a very quick and simple process, as the specimen holder does not have to be loosened after the clamping of each specimen. Two Allen keys for clamping the specimens are conveniently located in a special holder. When it comes to projection of the specimens, two options are available: 3 mm or 6 mm. Normally, 3 mm is chosen, but in some cases it is necessary to grind deeper down into the specimens.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height: 40cm
  •  Length: 36cm
  •  Width: 24cm