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Strathtox Desktop Respirometer

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Strathtox Desktop Respirometer

  • Advanced 6-cell precision OUR measurement system
  • Easy and rapid test procedures
  • User friendly software providing a real-time display of bacterial respiration
  • Automatic Report generation and calculation of EC10,20,50 values for carbonaceous and nitrifying bacteria
  • Efficient procedures gives test times of between approximately 10 and 30 minutes
  • Tests provided are: Carbonaceous and Nitrifying Sludge Health, Critical Oxygen Point Analysis, Respiration Inhibition, Nitrification Inhibition, BOD(ST),  Respirometry, Process Optimisation (Calculates Critical Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations).
  • Applications in:
    - Toxicity Management
    - Nitrification Management
    - Aeration Efficiency
    - Nutrient Control
    - Sludge Health
    - System Trouble-shooting
    - Short-term BOD
    - Plant capacity
    - Respiration tests


For further technical specifications please refer to the brochure.

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