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Stratagene QPCR System Mx3005P

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Stratagene QPCR System Mx3005P

The Mx3005P QPCR System expands on the Mx3000P system by offering unmatched flexibility and capability to support even more real-time QPCR applications and chemistries. The system features five customer selected filters and a custom filter path feature to support detection of a broad range of dyes (including FRETbased fluorescence and large stoke shifts). The enhanced features of the Mx3005P system will accommodate your research needs now and in the future.

Mx3005P QPCR System

  • Five optical channels with user selected filters for greater flexibility
  • Defined excitation and emission detection wavelengths are ideal for superior multiplex results, up to five targets simultaneously.
  • Open platform design supports virtually all fluorescent chemistries and numerous applications.


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.