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Specac Cyclone C10 - Heatable Long Pathlength Gas Cell for FTIR

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Specac Cyclone C10 - Heatable Long Pathlength Gas Cell FTIR

This is a heatable long pathlength gas cell with a glass body. Fopr fixed or adjustable pathlengths ranging from 2.1m to 10.6m

Cyclone series gas cells are suitable for operation in all modern FT-IR spectrometers using the Specac Benchmark baseplate provided as standard. Cells are available as standard with a borosilicate glass body for operation at ambient temperatures and pressures ranging from vacuum to 15 psi Protected gold mirrors, internal and external components made from nickel-plated aluminium and stainless steel, and Viton ‘O’ rings are combined to ensure the highest chemical compatibility and protection from leaks.

This item was removed from a research lab as surplus to requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Pathlength settings (m): 2.1-10.6 in 1.06m steps
  • Base pathlength (mm): 264
  • Number of phases: 8-40
  • Volume (L): 2.60

For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Manual Here



Item has seen previous use but is in good condition. Inspections are welcome.