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SNOL 39/1100 High Temperature Furnace

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SNOL 39/1100 High Temperature Furnace

High accuracy electric muffle furnace SNOL 39/1100 is a universal laboratory furnace, firing up to 1100°C and designed for material testing and heat treatment such as hardening, loosening, normalising ceramic and stoneware samples. To eliminate gases or smokes that are released during thermal processing, an exhaust system may be additionally installed in the product. The furnace is an excellent fit for scientific laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios, medicine and industry.

This item is a display model, received directly from SNOL, and so has never seen previous laboratory use.


Technical Specifications:

  • Volume: 39L
  • Continuous Operating Temperature: T+ 10-1100°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 1100°C
  • Working Chamber Material: Fiber Muffle
  • Maximum Heating-Up Time (Without Charge): 50 minutes



  • Width: 655mm
  • Depth: 890mm
  • Height: 740mm
  • Weight: 75kg

Working Chamber:

  • Width: 320mm
  • Depth: 495mm
  • Height: 230mm


For further technical specification please refer to the brochure.

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