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Siemens Simatic OP7 Operator Panel

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Siemens Simatic OP7 Operator Panel

Operator Panel OP7 allows operating states, current process values and malfunctions of a connected PLC to be visualized. In addition, inputs can be made on the OP which can be written directly to the PLC. Some functions relating to machine diagnostics can also be executed on the Operator Panel. The Operator Panel features a number of standard functions. The display and operation of the device can be optimized by the configurer to meet the requirements of the process. The Operator Panel is suitable for fitting into switching cabinets and control desks. A printer can be attached to the OP for logging processes during automation operation.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height 20cm
  •  Width 12.5cm
  •  Depth 26cm


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.