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Sartorius Sartoflow Alpha Benchtop Crossflow Filtration System

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Sartorius Sartoflow Alpha Benchtop Crossflow Filtration System

The Sartoflow Alpha is a Crossflow filtration system for small scale Micro and Ultrafiltration in pharmaceutical and biotech applications, as well as in chemical engineering, biochemical engineering and protein purification.

The Sartoflow Alpha is mainly used in Process Development laboratories and Pilot Plants to run Scale-Up and Scale-Down trials as well as small clinical, pilot and production lots. The system is designed to accommodate up to 5 (0.1m2) Sartorius Sartocon Slice Cassettes. The design and engineering of the Slice Benchtop system is equivalent to a large scale production system.

Sartocon filter cassettes utilize a parallel leaf design which provides the user with linear scale-up and predictable performance for future production needs. Therefore, the flow characteristics of a 5 square foot system are the same as the flow characteristics of a 500 square foot system.

This item was removed from a biotechnology laboratory as surplus to requirements.


Technical Specifications:

  • External Dimensions (W x D x H): 1100 x 800 x 680 mm
  • Weight: 135 kg
  • 2 Sartorius Chambers Included.

For further technical specifications please refer to the datasheet:




Item has seen previous use but is in good condition.



This equipment powers on but has not been tested further, though inspections are welcome.