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Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd

Saffron DAB01P Purged Glove Box

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Saffron DAB01P Purged Glove Box With Stand

 The Saffron range of glove boxes have been designed to provide high quality chambers combined with many user friendly features supplied as standard that don't exist or are extra with other manufacturers equipment.

The concept of the glove box has been kept as simple as possible. The controls consist of simple manual switches, flow meters all mounted into a control panel fascia.

The shell of the DAB range of glove boxes is made from 2mm Stainless Steel 304 and the viewing panel is made from 10mm Acrylic with Acrylic 8" glove ports.




Technical Specifications:

  •  H- 61 cm
  •  W- 68 cm
  •  D- 160 cm
  •  Approx. Weight 70kg.