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Napier Mixer RQT-127

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Napier Mixer RQT-127

These Stirrers are specially designed brushless AC variable speed stirrers driven by frequency inverter to ensure reproducible speed with any load. These stirrers have steady & constant speed for viscous materials and solutions that change viscosity during mixing. It has built in digital RPM indicator for process validation and reproducibility.


These are designed for homogenisation, emulsification, dispersion and mixing of fluids at high speed. The user has a choice of selecting C Drive or AC/DC Drive wit stepless speed regulations for continuous variation of speed as per requirements.

RQ-127D suitable for homogenising of tissues at high speed available. Chuck to hold shaft up to 10 mm dia, fitted with PTFE grinding pestle (50ml). 


Technical Specifications
Models Stirring Shaft Impeller Motor Speed (rpm) Stirring Capacity Digital
Speed Indicator
¸ x length (mm) Min Max Type ol Fluid Max Volume
Homogenisers / Emulsifiers
RQT-127/D 8 x 240 4 CROSS BLADE AC/DC 1/8 HP 300 6000 WATER 8 LTRS


Technical Specifications:

  • Height - 77cm
  • Width - 42cm
  • Depth - 40cm
  • Weight - 8kg


For further technical specifications please refer to the brochure