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Priorclave Tactrol 2 Autoclave

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At the heart of every Priorclave is the highly successful TACTROL®2 microprocessor control system which has been specifically developed for laboratory autoclaves.

From simple cycles to fully featured multi-program operation with printed records, this powerful controller allows unrivalled flexibility and monitoring.

By fully automating the sterilising process and with features to assist with autoclave management, TACTROL®2 allows you to continue with other tasks secure in the knowledge that autoclaving is proceeding safely and efficiently. TACTROL®2 offers simple and variable settings of process time and temperature and graphic indication of cycle status.

Just set the temperature and time required, select any options needed and press start, operation is fully automatic once the cycle has started.

A tough, clear control panel with digital displays continuously provides information on status. A full log of autoclave activity is held in the system and can be downloaded for diagnostic or monitoring purposes.

 Priorclaves also come fitted with a Pressure Gauge, Thermostatic Air Purge Valve, Low Water Cut Out, Electrically Operated Vent Valve, Automatic Timed Freesteaming and two Thermocouple Entry Ports.

Packed with self-monitoring systems,TACTROL®2 has pre-set actions for events such as power failure or low water levels. A number of features are built in allowing cycle optimisation for the diverse functions demanded by the modern laboratory. Control options are available for every autoclaving need.

To prevent unauthorised access to the control panel a security setting lock is available.

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