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Presi Mecapress 3 Mounting Press

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Presi Mecapress 3 Mounting Press

Automatic hot mounting machine.

• User-friendly interface

MECAPRESS 3 is a fully automatic hot mounting machine. The new integrated coloured touch screen control panel allows adjusting and registering all mounting parameters: heating temperature, heating time, cooling time,  cooling mode, pressure, mould diameter, resin type, resin quantity, material to be mounted... The easy use, the quality and contrast of the screen make MECAPRESS 3 a user-friendly machine, very easy to manipulate..

• Efficiency
MECAPRESS 3 is the fastest machine on the market thanks to its new integrated heating and cooling system. Its exclusive PCS (Presi cooling system) technology allows reducing significantly the water consumption (+65% of saved water). The PCS preserves the structure of the fragile materials during the mounting thanks to the reduction of the thermal shocks.

• Environment
MECAPRESS 3 is supplied with a series of connectors which can enable the user to plug and control a re-circulating tank in order to save water and avoid calcium deposit (functioning in closed circuit).

• Security
MECAPRESS 3 is equipped with a simple and secure interlocking system. A sensor blocks the start of the machine if the mould is open. Temperature sensors protect the samples and the machine from overheating.

• Design
You need less than 5 minutes to change the moulds: 2 vices, 2 fast connectors for water, 1 fast connector for the power. The simultaneous mounting of 2 samples is possible thanks to the height of the mould.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height: 52cm
  •  Length: 32cm
  •  Width: 56cm