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Pol-Eko KKS 115 Climatic Chamber

Pol-Eko KKS 115 Climatic Chamber

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Pol-Eko KKS 115 Climatic Chamber

 The KKS climatic chambers with steam humidifier do not emit ultrasounds and therefore allow insects breeding (e.g. Drosophila melanogaster). Compared to the KK chambers, they feature an extended temperature and humidity range and can be used for tests of electronics, plastic or building materials.



  • Growth of plants and fungus
  • Seeds germination
  • Microorganisms and insects breeding
  • Photostability tests
  • Food preservation tests
  • Any kind of research that requires a stable temperature and humidity environment (optionally light)
  • Tests of building materials


Technical Specifications:

  • Air Convection: Forced 
  • Chamber Capacity: 109L
  • Working Capacity: 109L
  • Temperature Range: 0…+100


For further technical specifications please refer to the specification sheet.

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KKS 115 SMART PRO Data Sheet