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Pol-Eko ILP 115 Peltier-Cooled Incubator

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Pol-Eko ILP 115 Peltier-Cooled Incubator

Innovative and ecological incubators ILP with cooling system based on the Peltier cell technology.


Advantages Over Compressor-Cooled Incubators:

  • Environmentally Friendly - Elimination of compressor and refrigerants ensures environmental protection
  • Lighter & Smaller - The Peltier-Element system has reduced the size and weight of the unit
  • Vibration Free - With the introduction of the Peltier-Element system, vibrations previously generated by the compressor have been eliminated.
  • Perfect Performance - The cooling system based on the Peltier-Element features excellent temperature stability and uniformity. It also improves the temperatue recovery time e.g. after door opening


Technical Specifications:

  • Air Convection: Forced
  • Chamber Capacity: 112L
  • Working Capacity: 112L
  • Temperature Range: 0 to +70 (max 20°C below ambient temperature)
  • Overall Dimensions (WxHxD): 650 x 850 x 780 mm


For further technical specifications please refer to the links below.

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