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New Brunswick Scientific Innova U360 Ultra Low temperature freezer

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Model U360 - provides an advanced design and sophisticated control system for labs tight on space. Ultra-slender at only 26.4 inches wide, the U360 is the first of the Innova line to feature our advanced controller with extra-large display and graphing capability. The U360 offers all the quality construction and system advantages as our original Innova models plus much more. Energy consumption is only 11.7 kWh/day and initial pull time from room temperature to –80°C is 5 hours.

Space-saving Innova freezers utilize vacuum insulation panel technology to reduce wall thickness resulting in up to 39% more internal capacity than freezers of equal size. 6 models are offered, U101, U360, U535, U725, C585 and C760.

  • Unique heated air vent with plunger to clear ice buildup and to relieve vacuum formation to gain immediate access to the freezer
  • Vacuum insulation panels provide superior insulation while maintaining maximum internal storage capacity
  • High-grade seals for outer door on all upright and chest models allow for rapid temperature recovery
  • Lockable door handle
  • Insulated, gasketed internal doors help maintain temperature, and lift off without tools for easy cleaning
  • Significantly reduced noise levels achieved through advanced compressor housing
  • Tool-less, washable air filter for easy access and cleaning

Hassel-free monitoring system for your ULT freezer
The Accsense A2 system is a truly independent temperature monitoring platform for your Ultra-Low Temperature freezer. There is absolutely no software to download and you can generate reports and review alarms within minutes. This is the only system that combines a chart recorder, auto-dialer, alarm system and power monitor into one small pod. In addition, all the data collected by your Accsense A2 system can be viewed from any web based computer, always keeping you informed.

Support the epGreen initiative with your New Brunswick ULT freezer
New Brunswick Ultra-Low Temperature freezers are the most energy-efficient in the industry, reducing energy consumption by thousands of kilowatt hours over our competition.

  • New High Efficiency Freezers further reduce energy consumption by up to 59% compared to other models of similar size and are 98% recyclable by weight
  • A 28 ton reduction of CO2 emissions on average, over the life of each freezer – That’s equivalent to planting 138 earth-cooling, oxygen-replenishing adult trees

Min temp: -86 degrees celcius

Outer dimensions

H:1950mm L:870mm W:670mm

3 Chambers measuring at: H:425mm L:610mm W:440mm