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NBiotek 302 Stirrer Water Bath

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NBiotek 302 Stirrer Water Bath
By maintaining constant temperature, water bath is used for fat examining, cell incubating, ferment reaction, solvent extraction in the field such as clinic, medical technology, pharmacy, micro-biology
  • Artificial intelligence system(NB TAC Sys)which maintains precise thermostatic condition  is controlled by MICOM
  • Built in magnetic stirrer located at bottom of water tank.
  • The heater for chamber is located at outside bottom of water chamber, not inside chamber.
  • LED indicates temperature, speed, time and state of power failure.
  • Convenient adjustment of water level with engraved level scale in chamber.
  • Possible to control RPM and Temperature.
  • By circulating water in chamber, stirring sample is conducted under precise temperature.


Technical Specifications

 External Dimensions:
  •  Width: 27cm
  •  Depth: 34.5cm
  •  Height: 22.5cm
 Internal Dimensions:
  •  Width: 24cm
  •  Depth: 30cm
  •  Height: 15cm
  •  Weight: 7kg
  •  Capacity: 10 litres