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MVE Cryogenics XLC 500 Cryogenic Storage Tank

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MVE Cryogenics XLC 500 Cryogenic Storage Tank

The XLC 500 is a system-controlled cryogenic storage tank with a counter-balanced lid. The system comes with a key lock and a programmable entry code for added security of the samples. Applications for this item are in the areas of microbiology, life sciences, biotechnology, and more.

This item was removed from a life science laboratory as surplus to requirements.



  • Large capacity
  • Snap out panels for easy maintenance
  • Annular space filing lines to prevent ice build up
  • Key lock and programmable entry code


Technical Specifications:

External dimensions:

  • Height 106cm
  • Width 72cm
  • Depth 58cm

Internal dimensions:

  • Height 85cm
  • Width 52cm
  • Depth 52cm
  • Weight 50kg



Item has seen previous use but is in good condition.


For further technical specifications please refer to the brochure: