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Millipore Milli-Q Academic with Elix 10 & 60 Litre Tank

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Millipore Milli-Q Academic with Elix 10 & 60 Litre Tank

The Inlet Solenoid Valve is used to control the flow of feedwater into the Milli-Q System. The Inlet Solenoid Valve is only open when the system is delivering water from the Point Of Use Dispenser.

The Milli-Q System has a Feedwater Pressure Relief Valve inside. The purpose of this is to vent out any feedwater that has a pressure higher than 0.75 bar (11 psi). This would prevent any excessive feedwater pressure that could build up in the Milli-Q System during RECIRCULATION Mode.

A piece of tubing is included in the Accessories Bag. This tubing is attached to the Milli-Q System and then placed in a drain or sink. When the incoming feedwater has a pressure greater than 0.75 bar, the Pressure Relief Valve will open up and feedwater will be vented to drain via the attached tubing. The water will stop flowing to drain when the feedwater pressure drops to less than 0.75 bar. If a pressure regulator is installed on the Feedwater Tubing (between the Milli-Q and a loop), then it is unlikely that the feedwater pressure will get this high.

A Milli-Q fed from a Reservoir will not need the Pressure Relief Valve tubing. A Milli-Q fed from a pressurised pipe (a loop) should have the Pressure Relief Valve tubing installed during installation. Please note that the Pressure Relief Valve is factory installed inside all Milli-Q Systems and only the tubing needs to be attached during installation.

The Pump is used to bring water into the Milli-Q and then to send it through the various components such as the Q-Gard Purification Pack and the Quantum Ultrapure Cartridge.

The Q-Gard Purification Pack is used to remove ions and organic molecules from the feedwater. The Q-Gard is a consumable device. A consumable device is something that is periodically changed out for a new one during the maintenance of the Water System.

The Quantum Ultrapure Cartridge is used to remove trace levels of ions and organic molecules. The use of a Quantum Cartridge immediately following a Q-Gard allows for additional ion exchange capacity

The resistivity sensor is used to measure the electrical resistivity of the Milli-Q Product Water. Additionally, a thermistor (temperature sensor) is located in the resistivity sensor. The temperature displayed on the Milli-Q LCD during PRODUCT Mode is measured by this thermistor.

The resistivity and temperature are measured while water is flowing through the sensor. The Milli-Q microprocessor will then temperature compensate the resistivity to a 25°C value. It is possible to use the Milli-Q software to display non-temperature compensated resistivity. It is also possible to display conductivity (μS/cm) (temperature compensated or non-temperature compensated) on the LCD by using the Milli-Q software. The software can be changed by using the Keypad.


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.



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