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Miele G7783 Glasswasher

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Miele G7783 Glasswasher


The G 7783 is a front-loading automatic machine for the efficient washing - neutralising - rinsing - final rinsing of laboratory glassware. It can be operated on normal water supply. There are “AD” (aqua destillata) programmes with final rinses using purified water (distilled, R.O., or de-ionised). On completion of the automatic programme sequence, laboratory glassware is cleaned to the standard required for analysis. The electronic control unit offers a choice of temperatures for the cleaning and final rinsing phases. A combination often preferred is cleaning - T1 85°C and final rinse T2 70°C.


Technical Specifications:

External dimensions:

  • Height 84cm
  • Width 59cm
  • Depth 80cm

Internal dimensions:

  • Height 60cm
  • Width 54cm
  • Depth 49.5cm
  • Weight 250kg


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual: