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LAMB MicroWriter E22.01 Cassette Labeller

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RA Lamb Microwriter E22.01MWR Cassette Labeller Slide Printer Lab Histology

The Cassette MicroWriter System has been designed and developed as a means of automating the referencing of processing cassettes with relevant specimen information.

The Cassette MicroWriter provides a secure method of cassette identification. It is controlled via an RS232 serial interface making it possible to link the unit to a wide range of computer equipment and Bar Code systems.

The Carousel MicroWriter is a stand-alone instrument, which is used, for the referencing of processing/embedding cassettes.

A feature of MicroWriter is its versatility, particularly with regard to referencing. The operator is permitted to vary the size of character, the number of characters per line and the number of lines.

It will be appreciated that the latter two are dependent upon the first. Any alphanumeric reference is reproducible in addition to some special symbols. MicroWriter is semi-automatic, inasmuch as it is possible to pre-load 'hoppers' with cassettes and program the instrument to proceed with the referencing process while the operator continues with other duties.

Should the unit run out of cassettes during the sequence, an audible alarm will sound. MicroWriter has a serial interface and can be controlled from any device with an RS232 communications port.

MicroWriter responds to a restricted set of 127 ASCII characters. Special characters are available upon request including foreign languages and customised symbols.

Cassette MicroWriter incorporates a heated stylus, which physically writes, on a plotting principle, through heat sensitive foil tape to produce a reference on a cassette.


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Manual Here