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Jenway 6315 Spectrophotometer

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The Jenway Model 6315 is an advanced measuring system with modes for Photometrics, Spectrum Scanning, Kinetics, Concentration and Quantitation and will meet the demands of a wide range of applications in areas such clinical, veterinary, environmental and general QC testing.

Wavelength range: 198 - 1000nm. 6nm bandwidth over UV range. Xenon lamp source with extended life. Self calibrating lamp at 3 wavelengths. Full interfacing capability

A memory capacity of 50 methods for each mode, the fully open operating system ensures compatibility with reagent kits from most manufacturers, as well as enabling full customisation to the operator's choice of chemistries and operating procedures.


Technical Specifications

  •  External Dimensions (W x D x H): 272  x 160 x 365 mm
  •  Range: 198 to 1000nm wavelength
  •  Accuracy: ±2nm
  •  Resolution: 1nm

For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Manual Here