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Jencons Anthos 2020 Microplate Reader

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Jencons Anthos 2020 Microplate Reader

The 2020 microplate reader has sophisticated on-board software and a large graphics colour display. It covers the wide range of colorimetric ELISA tests and other applications in diagnostics, research, environmental analysis and food testing.

Measurement modes

Single-and-dual-wavelength reading, 30 seconds reading time per plate (60 seconds - dual wavelength), calibration prior to each measurement. Kinetic measurement, up to 100 reading cycles with a minimum interval time of 40 seconds. Fast measurement mode with data output in OD valves on display and printer.

Data storage

1.5 MB of onboard memory for tests and results with flexible memory management.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height: 26cm
  •  Width: 43cm
  •  Depth: 36cm