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Innovative Clearmark 2000 C

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Innovative Clearmark 2000 C

Using specially developed ink and ink jet printing technology all Clearmark printers are designed to clearly label microscope slides and tissue cassettes with data that can not be removed or be made illegible by normal processing.

All the best features of the existing Clearmark 7000 range have been condensed into the new range, the "Clearmark 2000 S" single slide printer and the "Clearmark 2000 C" single cassette printer.

These instruments, at only 20 cm (9 inches) square, will easily find their place in any laboratory or doctors practice and make the labelling of slides or cassettes by hand a thing of the past.

Connected to a separate computer, our proven software will provide all the printing features of the 7000 series, thus enabling the smaller lab or doctors' practice to keep up with demands of modern data processing and information security.

Barcodes, accession numbers, different fonts, roman numerals ...all are easy to set up and print at the touch of a button.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height: 20cm
  •  Width: 29cm
  •  Depth: 24cm
  •  Weight: 3kg