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HMC Biosafety Cabinet Class II

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Bio safety cabinet BSC-700II-I

Standard characteristics for the new Benchtop Biological Safety Cabinet:

  • Electrically adjustable toughened safety glass
  • Stainless steel work area, base plate removable for cleaning
  • Control panel with LCD display: 
    all functional and operational parameters are indicated simultaneously
  • Remote control (max. distance 6 meters, useful in on emergency situation) .
  • Energy -saving Work light
  • UV – radiator ( 254nm ) in the working chamber
  • 2 power supply sockets, switchable over control panel
  • Electronically controlled air stream, various failure Alarms
  • Main switch is key operated
  • Timer for START, STOP, UV radiation
  • Voice announcement of alarms and various operation conditions
  • Optional accessories: Stable rack on wheels

his mini safety cabinet class 2 provides safety at smallest space. 
In Safety Cabinets Class II (Biological Safety Cabinet) about 70 % of the intake air flow pass through the down-flow filter and equally flow on top of the work surface and down as an „air curtain „ along the partially open front window (laminar flow). About 30 % of the partially circulating air in the BSC will flow back to the environment through the outstream filter.


Technical Details:

External Dimensions (W x D x H mm) 700 x 650 x 1200
Working zone Dimension (W x D x H mm) 600 x 500 x 540
Main filter: HEPA (W x D x H mm) 460 x 570 x 69
Exhaust filter: HEPA (W x D x H mm) 460 x 570 x 69
Retention Rate at 0,3 micron 99.999%
Air Circulation 70%
Air Exhaust: 30%
Inflow Velocity 0.53 m/s
Downflow Velocity 0.33 m/s
Control System Microprocessor UV Radiator: 1 x 15 W
Fluorescent lamp: 1 x 40 W
Front Glass Door Vertical Sliding, single layer toughened glass
Material Working Aera 304
Stainless steel Clean Level Class 10
Noise Level < 65db Vibration < 5µm rms Power 230VAC / 50Hz
Weight eta 80kg
Light intensity > 680 lux
Circulating Air Volume 250 m³/h
Max. El. Power 800 W
Safety Standard EN 12469


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