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GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Autosampler

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GE Healthcare Autosampler

The GE Autosampler was designed for maximum produtivity, minimal maintenance and enhanced ease of use. When used with the Sievers InnovOx, the Autosampler offers a high sample capacity (up to 63 positions for 40-mL and 60-mL vials and up to 120 sample tubes). When used with the Sievers 900 or 5310 C instruments, the GE Autosampler can handle up to 63 40- and 60-mL vials and up to 135 samples tubes.

The Sievers DataPro software integrates the GE Autosampler with the 900 and 5310 C Analyzers to offer productivity-enhancing features such as automated calibration and validation protocols. DataPro also gives users full sampling flexibility with custom sample protocols and user-defined sampling capabilities.


Technical Specifications

  •  External Dimensions (W x D x H): 485 x 330 x 520 mm
  •  Weight: 9 kg