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Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific Electrophoresis Power Supply 608

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Fisher Scientific Electrophoresis Power Supply
Permits electrophoresis with constant mode while limiting the other selected values.
Two operating modes with auto crossover.
Three safety outlets.
Fitted with a circuit breaker.
Auto restart in case of power failure.
Simple to use, multi-purpose, and lightweight.
Stackable design saves benchtop space.
Soft-touch key pads.
Programmed by tactile switches


    Technical Specifications:

    •  Height: 11cm
    •  Width: 29cm
    •  Depth: 27cm
    •  Amperage: 800mA
    •  Electrical Requirements: 230V, 50/60Hz
    •  Wattage: 300W
    •  Timer: Yes


    For further technical specifications please refer to the brochure.

    See Brochure Here