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Eppendorf Multiporator 4308 00237

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Eppendorf Multiporator, for eukaryotic cells, bacteria and yeasts

The Multiporator® is optimally balanced for efficient and gentle electroporation of eukaryotic cells. Soft Pulse technology applies extremely short electric pulses for the highest survival rates. The relevant parameters of voltage and pulse duration are directly set, and the patented electronic pulse discharge ensures that they will be maintained exactly—independent of the sample resistance—for reliable and reproducible results.

Compact unit is easily portable
Easy to disinfect
Easy to operate with clear, user-friendly display
RS-232 interface for data documentation with a printer or PC
Outstanding safety levels provided by the built-in cuvette chamber
CE-, UL- and CAS-approved
Connectors for external electrodes


Technical Specifications:

Height: 14cm

Width: 41cm

Depth: 25cm


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Manual Here

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