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Elga Purelab Option-R 7BP with LA613 75L Reservoir

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Elga Purelab Option-R 7BP with LA613 75L Reservoir

The PURELAB Option-R water purification unit has been specifically designed to provide a supply of highly purified water.

The PURELAB Option-R process links four purification technologies, Reverse Osmosis, adsorption, ion-exchange and photo oxidation and also incorporates a re-circulation pump and an optional RO feed water boost pump.

The unit is designed to operate from a good quality potable water supply, and produces either 7 or 15 liters per hour of purified water which is further purified and circulated through a treated water reservoir.

A graphics screen displays the system status and provides control by means of three function buttons.


Technical Specifications:

Purelab dimensions:

  •  Height 46cm
  •  Width 34cm
  •  Depth 56cm
  •  Weight 8kg

Reservoir dimensions:

  •  Height 74cm
  •  Width 33cm
  •  Depth 54cm
  •  Weight 31kg


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.