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Dionex RF-2000 Fluorescence Detector

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Dionex RF-2000 Fluorescence Detector


The RF 2000 has optimized opti- cal and electronic systems to provide exceptionally high sensitivity. For the Raman spectrum of water, a signal-to- noise ratio better than 300:1 is easily obtained. With the appropriate wavelength settings (both excitation and emission), trace components can be easily detected.

The optimum excitation and emission wavelengths for different fluorescent compounds vary significantly. By time-programming both the excitation and emission wavelengths, the RF 2000 permits the response of each component to be optimized for selective trace analysis. In addition to chromatograms, spectra can be recorded within seconds using the wavelength-scanning feature. Comparing these spectra with a library created from known standards allows identification of the analyzed substances and facilitates method development.

A typical application for fluorescence detection is the determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in drinking water, wastewater, and ground and surface waters as specified by regulatory agencies. Analyzing these complex mixtures requires quick and precise wavelength switching to determine all components near the detection limit within the shortest possible time. Other typical applications include the analysis of aflatoxins, carbamates, vitamins, and amino acids in the toxicological, environmental, and food sectors.



Height 20cm

Width 27cm

Depth 60cm

Weight 7kg


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