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Dionex Probot Micro Fraction Collector With Dosage Unit

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Dionex Probot Micro Fraction Collector With Dosage Unit

The LC Packings Probot Micro Fraction Collector is a robotic fraction collector that can be used to collect samples from a capillary HPLC or CZE system and deposit onto targets such as a MALDI mass spectrometer target, a PVDF membrane (e.g. for protein sequencing), a nitrocellulose membrane or a micro titer plate.

The spotter is used for fraction collection and spotting of analytes on MALDI plates. The device is capable of spotting samples on various MALDI plates and in a variety of well-plates. Especially useful is the possibility to spot volumes as small as 5 nl. Probot is capable to spot and collect fractions using any geometry of the collecting vessel.

This item was removed from a laboratory in which it formed part of a complete HPLC system (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography).


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height: 30cm
  •  Width: 60cm
  •  Depth: 51cm
  •  Weight: 10kg



Item has seen previous use but is in good condition.

Leads and other components are included (see pictures).



The equipment powers on but has not been tested further, though inspections are welcome.

For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Manual Here