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Cole Parmer

Cole Parmer Single-Syringe Infusion Pump

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Cole-Parmer Single-Syringe Infusion Pump CAT No. 78-9100C 

Features microprocessor motor control and precision gearing. Microprocessor automatically selects display units based on syringe used. Obtain precise flow rates down to 0.2 µL/hr. A wide dynamic range (6000:1) provides excellent flexibility. All commands can be programmed via the front-panel keypad. Settings can be changed while the pump is running.

Ideal for low-flow, low-pressure applications where precision is needed.
Backlit alphanumeric LCD guides you through setup and operating procedures.
Nonvolatile memory retains settings even after your pump is turned off.


    Technical Specifications:

    •  Reproducibility: ±0.1%
    •  Accuracy: ±1%
    •  Linear force: 20 lb/sq. in
    •  Syringe size accepted: 10 µL to 60 mL
    •  Syringe travel time: 9.5 x 10 (-6) mm/min
    •  Height: 12cm
    •  Width: 21cm
    •  Depth: 23cm
    •  Weight: 1.5kg



      For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.