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Cohesive Technologies

Cohesive Technologies G1322A Degasser

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Cohesive Technologies G1322A Degasser


The G1322A Degasser comprises a 4-channel vacuum container, including 4 tubular plastic membranes, and a vacuum pump. When the vacuum degasser is switched on, the control circuit turns on the vacuum pump which generates a partial vacuum in the vacuum container The pressure is meassured by a pressure sensor. The vacuum degasser maintains the partial vacuum by turning on and off the vacuum pump depending on the signal from the pressure sensor.

The LC pump draws the solvents from their bottles through the special tubular plastic membranes of the vacuum container. As the solvents pass through the vacuum tubes any dissolved gas in the solvents permeates through the membranes into the vacuum container. The solvents will be almost completely degassed when leaving the outlets of the vacuum degasser.