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Clifton RM-1 Rotator

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The angle of mixing is fully adjustable and suitable for continuous or intermittent mixing. Bench-top or wall mountable, saving space. Can be used inside Laboratory Incubators up to 60°C or in cold rooms at a minimum of 4°C.

Painted body features Anti-bacterial protection, hygienic coating which actively inhibits bacterial growth.

Rotary Mixer image is shown with accessory Mixing Disc.

Accessory Mixing Disc options include 'End to End Mixing' suitable for tube diameters 8 - 30mm, 'End to End Carousel Mixing' a 3 tier assembly suitable for tube diameters 8 - 17mm, 'Tumbling Mixing Carousel' suitable for tube diameters 16 or 25mm, 'Flask Mixing' select appropriate flask clip and quantity to mount on a disc for conical flasks 25ml - 250ml and 'Tube Mixing' select appropriate diameter clip and quantity to mount on a disc for tubes 8mm - 30mm.