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Clifton NE5-28D Shaking Bath

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Clifton NE5-28D Shaking Bath



Capacity - 28 Litres

Temperature control - PID Digital, LED display showing actual and set temperature, resolution 0.1°C

Temperature range - Ambient + 5°C - 99°C

Temperature alarm - Under/over temperature alarm automatically set 4˚C above and 4˚C below set point.
Sensitivity - ±0.1°C @ 45°C
Uniformity - ±0.1°C @ 45°C
Heater Power (220-240V) - 1000W
Linear shaking control - Shaking control 0 to 400 strokes / 0 to 200rpm - stroke length variable up to 40mm.
Drain - Drain outlet fitted, large 12mm bore for fast emptying
Voltage - 230V 50-60Hz


External dimensions:

Height 40cm

Width 71cm

Depth 41cm


Internal dimensions:

Height 20cm

Width 50.5cm

Depth 30cm