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Chemometec NucleoCounter NC-100 - Mammalian Cell Counter

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Chemometec NucleoCounter NC-100 - Mammalian Cell Counter

The NC-100 is an image cytometer based on fluorescence from the fluorescent dye, propidium iodide (PI). The NC-100 eliminates human subjectivity and can count even the most aggregated mammalian cells using the NucleoCassette. This equipment can also be connected to a PC using the USB port on the rear.

This item was removed from a laboratory as surplus to requirements. 

The NucleoCounter is a compact instrument that fits perfectly in any mammalian cell laboratory performing research, quality control or monitoring of production.  It's NucleoCounter NC-100 is very simple to operate, and only limited training is required.



  • Precise, robust and fast determination of cell count and viability
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Minimize user variation in cell count
  • 30 second analysis time
  • No cleaning or calibration


Technical Specifications:

  •  External Dimensions (W x D x H): 220 x 390 x 230 mm
  •  Weight: 1 kg
  •  Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  •  Serial Number: 0111-038-29



Item has seen previous use but is in good condition. No power cable is suppled with the item.



Not tested, but inspections welcome.