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CEM Mars

CEM Mars 5 907040 Microwave Digestion System

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CEM MARS 5 Microwave Digestion System

The microwave accelerated reaction system is designed for digesting, dissolving, hydrolyzing a wide variety of materials in a laboratory setting. The system uses microwave energy to heat samples in polar or ionic solutions rapidly and at elevated pressures. Its main purpose is for preparing samples for analysis by atomic absorption (AA), inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy (ICP), gas or liquid chromatography.

Technical Specifications:

  • Microwave Frequency 2455 MHz
  • Microwave Output Power 1500 W
  • Control Pressure 1500 psi
  • Maximum Temperature 300 °C
  • Depth 64 cm
  • Height 59 cm
  • Width 51 cm
  • Power Requirements 60HZ - 230VA
  • Weight 55kg 


Item has seen previous heavy use.



The item has been powered on but not tested further.