Bruker ICP-MS Aurora M90 Quadrupole

Bruker ICP-MS Aurora M90 Quadrupole

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Year: 2014 

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The aurora M90 is a quadrupole ICP-MS with the new improved collision/reaction interface (CRI II). 

Key benefits of aurora M90 include:

  • CRI II universal analysis mode provides fast and accurate results for samples routinely encountered across the wide range of environmental and industrial monitoring processes
  • Multi-mode delivers the ultimate in performance and flexibility for any sample type including those less routine in nature
  • Bruker Quantum, an intuitive user interface that speeds method development and optimization
  • The aurora M90‘s unique high sensitivity mode opens up a world of new possibilities in research
  • Full range of performance and productivity-enhancing accessories.

The many innovative, proven features of the aurora M90 provide you with performance, ease of use, and accuracy you can trust. Along with the improved CRI II, the aurora M90 includes the following innovations:

  • Patented 90 degree ion mirror and low noise double off-axis quadrupole provide industry leading sensitivity and background for lowest detection limits
  • Robust, high-efficiency plasma system and patented Interlaced Coils break down your toughest sample matrices, reduce matrix effects, and minimize ion energy spread for maximum sensitivity and stability
  • Fully automated, aerosol dilution extends the high dissolved solids tolerance of your ICP-MS allowing you to directly analyze challenging samples without additional sample preparation
  • The new nitrox 500 accessory allows online addition of nitrogen or oxygen gas to the plasma. Add nitrogen to lower your detection limits on key elements like As and Se. Add oxygen for routine analysis of organic solvents
  • All-digital extended range detector means fewer dilutions, and longer detector lifetime for greater productivity and lower running costs. 

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