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Bright 5040 Microtome

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Bright 5040 Rotary Microtome

The popular 5040 microtome is of rotary retracting, self-lubricating design and has a heavy cast alloy base and cutting arm. Its robust construction makes it accurate and incredibly reliable. The use of fixed beryllium hinges means that all lateral motion is controlled and allows no slop or play that can be experienced in other, lesser designs which can result in ‘chatter’ and ‘thick and thinning’. It’s pawl and ratchet wheel and head-advance design ensures absolute calibration for section thickness accuracy and repeatability.

It is well suited to cutting hard specimens such as undecalcified bone and acrylic resins, while routine wax sections can be produced simply and swiftly. Its use in the OTF5000 cryostats makes it the ‘workhorse’ of the Bright range.

Based on Bright’s previous model 5030 microtome, the 5040 microtome is now extensively used world-wide in pathology/histology laboratories and many life sciences teaching and research laboratories. Other applications include materials testing, food science and botanical research.

The 5040 is available in three versions, for wax sections with fine adjustment specimen orientation, for wax sections without specimen orientation and the cryostat version. Strong, rigid and almost maintenance free, the 5040 will give many years of reliable service.

  • Easy to use rotary retracting microtome with a wide range of options
  • Choice of advance/rewind handle positions
  • Motor drive with zone control is available - power is simply, yet precisely controlled
  • Hard wearing construction and almost maintenance free
  • Standard knife holder accepts most conventional knives and the Lever Release Feather Blade Holder or, alternatively, the Quick Release Feather Blade Holder can be fitted
  • Standard vice clamp or quick release cassette holder
  • Specimen feed indicator
  • Safety features include fitted knife guards and locking handwheel
  • Cover and debris shields to prevent section debris entering mechanism
  • Debris tray with holder for brushes and forceps


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height: 30cm
  •  Width: 30cm
  •  Length: 48cm


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Data Sheet Here