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Braun MB Single Solvent Purification System

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Braun MB SPS with Gas Cannister (2) WET462561-000

The MB-SPS is a single solvent purification system specifically designed for customers who demand a compact more economical solution in their solvent purification needs. The compact design and high quality construction allows customers the ability to dispense ultra pure solvents directly from the laboratory bench top.

Features include double valve shutoff, over pressure valve, a completely stainless steel front panel which resists corrosion from solvents and an optional adjustable jack stand for the correct positioning of the collection vessel. The MB SPS Compact is also available with an independent regulator to control solvent flow into the glassware and glovebox integration ready piping for future dispensing directly in the glovebox.


Technical Specifications:

  •  Height: 84.5cm
  •  Width: 56cm
  •  Depth: 28cm
  •  Weight: 40kg
  •  Gas Cannister
  •  17L
  •  PS maximum: 2.8 BAR
  •  TS maximum: 50°C
  •  TS minimum: 5°C
  •  Material: 1.4301
  •  Height: 54cm
  •  Circumference: 23.5cm
  •  Weight: 5kg