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Edwards Dry Vacuum Pump XDS10

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Boc Edwards Pump XDS10

The XDS pump is a compact, reliable vacuum pump which is suitable for use on vapour handling processes. The XDS pump may be used for some pumping applications involving corrosive substances and particulates.

The body of the pump includes a fixed scroll and an orbiting scroll. The orbiting scroll is driven by the electric motor through an eccentric cam on the motor drive shaft. The movement of the orbiting scroll, meshed with the fixed scroll, forms successive crescent shaped volumes in the pump. Gas which enters the pump through the inlet is compressed by the movement of the orbiting scroll and swept towards the centre of the fixed scroll. The compressed gas enters the exhaust port near the centre of the stationary scroll and is exhausted from the pump through the outlet.

The XDS pump is a dry vacuum pump, as all the bearings, with their hydrocarbon lubricant, are isolated from the vacuum space.

The inlet of the pump is fitted with a removable inlet strainer which prevents the entry of debris into the pump.

The pump mechanism is driven directly by a singlephase or three-phase electric motor. Single-phase motors are fitted with an on/off switch and a thermal overload device. When the motor is too hot, the thermal overload device switches off the pump. The thermal overload device has an automatic reset; when the motor cools down, the device resets and (unless you have incorporated suitable control equipment which must be manually reset), the motor will restart.

The pump is air-cooled by a fan mounted at the opposite end to the motor. The pump is mounted on a baseplate on rubber feet.


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

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