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Bio-Rad PowerPac Basic

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Bio-Rad PowerPac Basic with Mini Protean Gel Electrophoresis System, Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT and XCell SureLock

The PowerPac™ Basic power supply is recommended for basic applications such as submerged horizontal and mini vertical gel electrophoresis.

Features and Benefits

  • Programming in a compact, stackable case
  • Timer control and constant voltage or constant current output
  • Ability to pause and resume a run

Applications and Uses

  • Nucleic acid gel electrophoresis
  • Protein gel electrophoresis


Technical Specifications:

PowerPac dimensions:

  •  Height: 6cm
  •  Width: 29cm
  •  Depth: 21cm
  •  Weight: 100g

 Electrophoresis System dimensions:

  •  Height: 17cm
  •  Width: 14cm
  •  Depth: 11cm
  •  Weight: 100g

 Mini-Sub Cell dimensions:

  •  Height: 12cm
  •  Width: 27cm
  •  Depth: 20cm
  •  Weight: 100g

 Sure Lock dimensions:

  •  Height: 6cm
  •  Width: 13cm
  •  Depth: 15cm
  •  Weight: 25g


For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.